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Nils’ Investment Philosophy & some houskeeping notes

I know, it has been a while but trust me, I didn’t stop doing value investing, I just cannot speak about it that open anymore and generally, I have less time for the stuff which I’m allowed to do. Additionally, some things have changed in the last year so that I now put more emphasis on time with my family.


Some housekeeping notes:

In the future, I will only speak about companies which are not listed in the Noridcs or DACH region. Additionally, I will start publishing all articles under (The side is currently in the making, so excuse me if it is far from perfect).


Founding another start-up:

Furthermore, two friends of mine (Oliver Rolle – already a successful IT startup founder and responsible for the development of the IT platform & Tim Klauke – future CEO, industry expert and the guy with whom I developed the initial idea on a nice evening before a long kite-surfing weekend) and I are currently starting another company which is not related to investing at all (we are developing a software platform for the management and total cost of ownership analysis of special purpose vehicles). Currently, we are considering to start a VLog to document our journey and, as two of us have already founded a company, share some advice. But the main purpose would be that we document our decision-making and are accountable for it. So if you like the idea of a VLog or have some general comments write me via email or leave a comment.


but now back to the original topic of this blog:


The Investment philosophy of Nils Herzing

(This is an “executive summary” of my investment philosophy which I wrote more than a year ago.)


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