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Welcome to the online presence of Frenzel & Herzing Value Investment. We believe in stable asset management, partnership and a sustainable investment concept. For our generation. And for the next one. Please note that we are not open for public investment. If you want to get to know us to discuss and exchange investment ideas, please feel free to contact us!

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Felix F. Frenzel, Nils M. Herzing


We are looking ahead. That's why we advocate renewable energy. We reject profits through arms, human trafficking and child labour, but also industrial livestock farming.
We seek to exchange investment ideas with other fellow investors to improve in everything we do and love. We offer our visitors RSS and eMail subscription to our blog.
Real world investing: markets are not efficient. We try to recognize undervalued companies with long-term success and an outstanding, reliable management.
As we share a vision, working together is a logical move that helps us detect bias and hastiness in our decisions. Ultimately, we are investing our own money.